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Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine
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Understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine

Whenever I speak with a group of people about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I always start with this question…

“When was the last time you thought about your organs?”

The question will usually raise few eyebrows. This question gets to the heart of what TCM is all about, the health and vitality of your organs! When we have symptoms, it is our organ’s way of telling us that there is something wrong with our health. In modern western times, we either ignore symptoms or we medicate them. This leads us down the path of decline. Add years to that and you start to see more and more problems related to your health.

Upon your first visit, I will ask you many questions about your body. This helps me identify which organs need support. Often people will come in seeking treatment for one concern, for example “sinus problems.” By Asking the right questions, we may find out that they are also having headaches, acid reflux, sleep disturbances, chronic low energy, anxiety, menstrual problems, and random aches and pains. All of these symptoms can be connected to an imbalance in the liver. Treat the liver and all your symptoms will be relieved!

Treatment includes the use of small needles along a meridian pathway. This action alters the way your organs function. Treatments are deeply relaxing and you will see changes in your body almost immediately.

I also use herbal medicine, which I call “our pharmacology.” Almost all herbs come from plants. They are safe, effective, and cause no harm to any other part of your body. One aspect of herbal medicine that I absolutely love is that we create a formula for your constitution. We do not standardize our medicine or your body. Each person is unique and is treated as such.

One of my favorite aspects of TCM is lifestyle education. Many of our habits can be directly connected to our poor health. It is so important to have an advocate to guide you along the path to being well. So, whether it is diet, exercise, useful tools, mindfulness, and/or stress reduction, I will educate and support you in making changes that will benefit your over all health.

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Experience the benefits of Acupuncture while restoring the balance of energy which flows through your body

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Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicines have been used for centuries because of the value in promoting our overall health

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The negative pressure created by cupping benefit those dealing with a variety of health conditions

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Food & Lifestyle Education

Adopting a holistic approach that supports all dimensions of health will positively affect your overall well-being.

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Yoga Poses for
Pain & Practice

Transform chronic stress into chronic healing through restorative yoga

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Deep Listening

Hearing beyond the words to the essence of the words and feelings

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About Deb Shulman

Image of Deb Shulman, Beyond Well

If I were to pick one word that would sum up my personality, it would be explorer! I find great pleasure in exploring all aspects of the world I live in. Physically, I love to challenge myself. I started rock climbing when I was 45 and love it, I am a life long practitioner of yoga, I love hiking, cycling, running, and seeing personal my trainer. I am an avid traveler, and lover of languages, culture, architecture, food, history, religion, and people. I love nature, I am happiest when I am outside either hiking a trail, looking at the stars, or watching an eagle fly. I find great pleasure and meaning in trees, flowers, bugs, water, dirt, and sun. I am deeply fulfilled by simple being outside.

Anyone who knows me knows that I take great pride in being there for my nieces. They have taught me much about life and they are the reason I do most everything!

When I found my career in TCM, I felt like it had been made for me. Being a practitioner requires an explorers mind. I sometimes have to search for the right reason or right next step to treat conditions. It really gives me great satisfaction!

Deb is Amazing! I can't say enough about her. I first met her when I was expecting my first child and she made sure my pregnancy went smoothly and that I felt great the entire journey, and I did! She has also helped me with feeling good after my pregnancy, getting me back on my feet and supporting me where needed. I recommend her to everyone I know!
Nicole L’Esperance
Deb works with such wisdom and experience that by feeling my pulse and asking a question or two, she knows the precise treatment necessary at the present moment. Her approach exceeds the professionalism of most medical doctors and she has taken more strides to understand my body composition and psychological wellness than anyone I have ever met.
Dani Waltzing
I initially began going to Deb for treatment of migraines. I have to admit I was skeptical at first that a few needles could have any effect on the situation. Well I was sold after about the 2nd treatment. It’s now been about a year and I have only had one migraine during that entire time (the 1st day after the initial treatment). I now go once a month for maintenance Deb also does cupping which is awesome— ask to try that when you are there!.
Josh Shonkwiler
I started working with Deb when I was pregnant. She helped me tremendously to feel well and have a healthy pregnancy. I have continued working with Deb to promote good health for several years. She is a wealth of knowledge. My son has also had great success working with Deb. He struggled for a year with nausea. No medical professionals could find anything wrong with him. Beginning acupuncture with Deb very quickly eliminated his symptoms. I can’t recommend her enough. She is not only a pleasure to work with, but gets results!
Lynda Enright
I am very impressed by Debra Shulman&rspquo;s knowledge and the care she gives in her practice. I have had amazing results with my digestive disorder and other issues that accompany it. Truly glad I met Debra after years of searching for someone with her experience and that communicates well with clients. I have referred many others to her in the 9 months I have known her, and they are happy too.
Deb Wieberdink
Since she began her practice, I have come to Acupuncturist Deb very ill and often greatly fatigued and leave healed and on the path to greater wellness. Her great understanding of gallbladder issues with acupuncture brought me back from deteriorating health recently, as she was able to diagnosis me quickly and correctly. She has built a practice with strong professionalism, experience and knowledge but also with a bedside manner of gentle kind-heartedness. I leave feeling very cared for.
Rebecca Dallinger